Mark Twain Victorian TOURs Bus Tours WELCOMED stop on tour guide available. Including inside 
tours of Victorian homes, Mark Twain Study and grave. Finger Lakes Region, Elmira, NY
Lunch available up to 50 people. Touring from 1-50

Mark Twain Tours

Bus tours welcomed-
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1-50 $12. per.
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200-400 Block of W. First Street 
(400 Block-Jenny Fassett House Elmira NY)

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200 Block W. First Street

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218 W. First St.
circa 1870

J. D. F. Slee Home. Mark Twain's best friend. Mr. Langdon's friend and hired to be vice president of Langdon Coal Co. Moved from Buffalo to take the job and build this grand house here in Elmira, NY Learn more of the fascinating story on TOUR! 

224 W. First St.
circa 1870

224 W. First St. circa 1870 First McInerny Funeral Home 1928 was Thomas McInerny, of McInerny and O'Dea, furnishings and undertaking!

300 Block W. First St.

W. First St
circa 1917

307 W. First St.
circa 1924

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316 W First St
circa 1857

308 W. First St.
circa 1918

311 W First St
circa 1910

Below is the only known photo of barn/carriage house behind 320 W First fire.

320 W First St
circa 1852

One of the oldest houses remaining in the historic district. Carriage house burnt. Arson!

Carriage house before the fire! Between the two houses below.

W First St.
circa 1860

Mark Twain was a frequent visitor and dinner guest of George Pratt and his family. In the Pratt family from 1860-1841

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356 W First St
circa 1869

Mark Twain was acquainted with Arthur S. Fitch original home owner

357 W First St
circa 1893

Originally this apartment house started as a barn of 307 Columbia St. It was the barn of the family of Hal Roach motion picture pioneer. Creator and producer of Laurel & Hardy, Our Gang, & the Little Rascals.

360 W First St
circa 1870


Ocular Window

Lions head fireplace & staircase-stained glass

Only known photo of staircase full stained glass window. Bottom window was liberated! 

365 W First St
circa 1895

The trees above have been removed.

Dad Clayton and Christmas light hanging. Below 

371 W First St
circa 1898

New roof 2007


374 W First St
circa 1873

376 W First St

375-377 W First St
circa 1900

Road Work 2008

378 W First St
circa 1918

381 W First St
circa 1896




400 Block W. First Street

402 W First St
circa 1870


West First St.
circa 1900

Estate of
Dr. & Carol Tapia

Past colors and restorations.

"Spring, Summer, Winter, or Fall"


Barn behind the house


359 W. First St
circa 1937

Jennie Fassett House

Jennie Crocker Fassett

Click here to learn about me as performed at our Woodlawn Cemetery
Ghost Walk About Jennie
performed by:  Kayla Nash