Mark Twain Victorian TOURs Bus Tours WELCOMED stop on tour guide available. Including inside 
tours of Victorian homes, Mark Twain Study and grave. Finger Lakes Region, Elmira, NY
Lunch available up to 50 people. Touring from 1-50

Mark Twain Tours

Bus tours welcomed-
step on guide available!
7 Days a week! 
1-50 $12. per.
Group rates available!

The Chemung River in Historic Elmira NY

Welcome to the beautiful Chemung River. "

Chemung" in Native American language, means Big Horn.. Named after the fossil tusk remains of a Wooly Mammoth found along the river by them. 

Along the South Side of the national historic district, Historic Near Westside Neighborhood, runs the Chemung River. From Hoffman Street to College Avenue. Including BOATING at Grove Street Boat Launch, Covered picnic pavilion with grill, Solar digital weather station, Osprey nesting, and FISHING at the Chase Hibbard Dam! ENJOY!


Chase-Hibbard Dam. Great fishing in the City of Elmira, NY

Safe portage around the Chase-Hibbard Dam. Located on the South Side of the river.


Grove St.

Boat Launch

Above photo at Grove Street Boat Launch River-Fest, Elmira, NY

Chemung River Fun in Downtown Historic Elmira, NY

VISIT the "Chemung River Friends" .COM

Enjoy fishing, canoeing, kayaking, bike trails, bird watching, and hiking along the river! 

The pavilion, solar weather station, river map, at Grove Street Boat Launch in the City of Elmira, NY

Portaging, Chase-Hibbard Dam, Historic Elmira, NY



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